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Maida cake

Neither me nor TH have a sweet tooth..however, whats diwali if we dont indulge in sweets? I did not want to make anything extravagant, but a simple sweet.I quickly called up my MIL and noted down what is to be done.She said all it would take is 15 minutes and boy, this sure  can be made in a jiffy.So, wishing everyone a very happy and a prosperous diwali. Happy eating !


Maida  or all purpose flour-1 cup

Sugar-1 1/2 cups

Cardamom powder-1 tea spoon

Coarsely chopped cashew nuts -3 table spoon

Ghee-1/4 cup

Food colour-any colour of your choice, I chose yellow


1.Heat ghee in a kadai and fry the maida in the ghee. Make sure the maida doesnt get browned and its enough if just the maida’s raw smell gives away.

2.Meantime, pour little water in a pan and melt the sugar. There is no need to get any string like consistency .Its enough for the sugar to melt.

3.Mix the sugar syrup with the maida ghee mixture, add cardomom powder, food colour and the cashew nuts and mix it well.

4.On getting a dough like consistency, flatten out the dough and make slices the way you want to.

maida cakeServes: 15 small bars

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