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I had this sudden craving for eating tacos and especially after seeing Sushma’s mini taco bell, I couldnt wait to get my hands on my own version.It was not difficult to make, but little little of a couple of things  had to be put together.And, it is worth it A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y.


Tomato salsa:

Tomatoes-2,finely chopped

Olives-3 table spoon from the canned ones, sliced

Sweet corn-3 table spoon from the canned ones

Cilantro-a handful chopped

Onion-1/2 of a small onion chopped

Lemon juice-1 1/2 tea spoon



Mix all the ingredients and add salt, pepper to suit your taste. Set aside.


Basmati rice-1/ 2 cup

Cumin seeds-1/2 tea spoon

Butter-1-2 table spoon


Water-1 cup

Heat butter in a cooking vessel and splutter cumin seeds, add rice , water and salt and cook until the rice grains are done and separate.Set aside.


Ripe avocado-1

Onion-1/2 of a small one, chopped

Tomato-1 small, chopped

Cilantro-a handful

Lemon juice-1 1/2 tea spoon

Jalapeno pepper-1


Scoop the flesh of the avocado,mash it with a spoon to a fine pulp.Add finely chopped tomatoes, onion,jalapeno pepper, cilantro, salt and lemon juice.Mix well and set aside.

Bean filling:

Vegetarian refried beans-1/2 of 16oz can

Onion-1/2 chopped

Garam masala-a pinch

Oregano- a pinch

Jalapeno pepper-1

Taco seasoning


Heat a table spoon of oil, fry onion until light pink, add the refried  beans, jalapeno pepper, garam masala, salt and oregano.Cook until everything blends and gives a nice flavour.


Taco shells- store bought

Cheese ( preferably mexican)

Sour cream / curd

Lettuce- for the crunch

Tabasco hot sauce


1.Microwave the taco shells as per the packet instruction.

2.Take a taco shell,fill some rice,then the refried beans filling,salsa,guacamole,sour cream/curd, cheese and finally lettuce.Get ready to attack.

Fillings: serve 2


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Broccoli- 1 big,cut into flowerettes

Vegetable stock-2 cups



Heavy cream ( optional)- to your liking


1.Cook the broccoli flowerettes in hot water for 10 -15 minutes.Drain water and keep the broccoli aside to cool.

2.Run the broccoli flowerettes in a blender to form a puree consistency.

3.Add vegetable stock to the broccoli puree and cook them over low flame for 5-7 minutes.

4.Add salt, pepper and cream to your liking.I followed the cream option, while TH chose to go without it, he said the one without the cream tasted pretty good too.But I loved my very own creamy broccoli soup.Serve with some grilled bread.


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White Pumpkin Subzi




Diced white pumpkin pieces-2 cups


Sugar-1/2 tea spoon

Oil-1 1/2 table spoon

Grind together:

Grated coconut-1/4 cup

Red chillies-12

Garlic-4 flakes

Cumin seeds-1/4 tea spoon

Garam masala powder-1/2 tea spoon


1.Cut onions into long thin pieces and tomatoes into small pieces.

2.Fry onion in oil.When it is half done,add pumpkin pieces and fry for 2 minutes.

3.Mix tomatoes and fry for few minutes and then add the ground masala.Fry until a good aroma comes out of it.

4.Pour enough water to cover the pieces, with salt and sugar.

5.Cover and cook on a low flame till the pumpkin becomes soft.Add cut corriander leaves and curry leaves.Serve hot with chappathis/rice.


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Onion-1, medium size

Potato-3 small

Edamame beans- 1/2 cup

Oil-4 table spoon

Turmeric powder-1/2 tea spoon

Garam masala-1/2-1 tea spoon

Kasuri Methi- a pinch

Chilli powder-1/2 tea spoon

Corriander powder-1/2 tea spoon


Cilantro- for garnish


1.Finely chop the onion and dice the potatoes to bite sized pieces.

2.Heat oil in a cooking pan,fry onion until pink and add diced potatoes frying it for a couple of minutes.

3.Add the edamame beans ,followed by turmeric powder, garam masala, chilli powder, salt and corriander powder. Mix well.

4.Add very little water and close witha  lid for it to cook well.

5.When the water has all thickened to form a dry mix amidst the edamame and potato, sprinkle kasuri methi and chopped cilantro.Serve with rotis or jeera rice.


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